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ORAM empowers individuals, organizations, and communities in transit countries by supporting them with the tools and resources they need to help ensure their safety and self-sufficiency. 



LGBTIQ refugees often need to acquire new skills to align with the market of a transit country. ORAM provides refugees with training in market-driven skills, granting them the tools to rebuild their lives, generate income, and integrate into the country of asylum.  



Livelihood programs enable LGBTIQ refugees to build useful skills with the goal of becoming self-reliant. ORAM provides seed funding for the creation of refugee businesses, while mentorship programs ensure that income remains sustainable and resilient.  



Strong mentorship provides LGBTIQ refugees the business skills needed to rebuild their lives and become leaders within their communities. Through ORAM’s Training of Trainers (ToT) program in Kenya, students in our training programs obtain the skills to become teachers to the refugees who come after them. Our Economic Empowerment program in Europe connects LBTIQ Ukrainian refugees with comprehensive job training and mentorship programs in the data and tech industries. 

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